Osteria Nono Risorto, Venezia

The historical place where to taste real Venetian cuisine

A typical osteria: a venetian laid back restaurant. feel at home.

Positive, always smiling atmosphere


Open from 12pm to 3 pm and at dinner from 6 pm to 11 pm. every day. during summer we are open non-stop from 12 pm to 11 pm !

“Nono” is the typical little fish of the Venetian Lagoon.

Our restaurant wants to be the celebration of typical Venetian food.

You can also find a fresh homemade pizza, one of the only Restaurant with a garden in Venice and a friendly atmosphere all year round.

Would you like to book a table?

Call us at :
+ 39 041 524 1169

At nono risorto we wanted to keep a bond with the past, creating an intersection point for tourist, students and venetian residents. 

Our food is simple, genuine, as the best italian tradition teaches. you can find baccalà, sarde in soar, and a multitude of venetian dishes prepared according to the original recipe. pizza comes hot out of our oven every day, freshly made from scratch. 

At nono risorto you can find one of the unique restaurant gardens in Venice: the perfect spot to enjoy a meal or a simple drink caressed by the sun. 

And don’t forget the Nono: our symbol of loyalty with the Venetian tradition, our streets “calli”, our people and our laguna. 

Would you like to book a table?

Call us at:
+39 041 524 1169

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